Empowering leading DTC stores to find that connect with their shoppers, globally.
RetainIQ enables eCommerce stores & brands globally to convert and retain their customers by enabling brands to create and send hyper-personalized Emails & SMSes at scale, making interventions more personal and relevant.
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RetainIQ is co-founded by professionals who have an aggregate experience of 25+ years in eCommerce growth for big brands. They had previously co-founded an eCommerce marketing company that worked with global brands and helped them grow their online sales.

Their last company had a user base of 20 Mn+ monthly users and sent 200 Mn+ emails, texts and notifications a month with more than a 10% open rate, generating over $150M in sales per year for our partners’ brands.

Gathered over the years, the learning was that the most important metric for any successful business is customer retention. Businesses that work on improving customer retention actively are the ones that keep growing forever, ones that optimize for long-term growth vs optimizing for short-term growth.

The truth, however, is that most young businesses, unfortunately, find it really difficult to understand growth by retention. They use marketing channels to optimize for short-term growth at the cost of long-term growth by retention. That’s what RetainIQ intends to solve for businesses by building a product that helps them market and grow with a focus on retention.

Our guiding principle:

1. Aspirations

To be the most preferred partner for clients facing retention challenges.

2. Innovation

Innovation is at the centre and its core. Our aspiration is what keeps us motivated to drive innovation at work, all to make the product a great companion to our clients.

3. Trust

We understand all our aspirations and innovations would meet dead-ends if we fail to gain the trust of our clients. We believe in building trust as we build performance, gradually. Great things take time.

4. Customer Success

Striving to serve clients better, each day. We succeed when our client succeeds.

Our Leadership Team

Sitakanta Ray


Sulakshan Kumar


Arpit Gupta