Scale marketing heights with AI co-pilot for Meta Ads

Plug and Play AI Solutions for maximizing impact at every stage of the customer lifecycle journey.


Ads that make shoppers act

Upgrade your Catalog Ads into actual ad creative

Say buh-bye to that boring white background. Enriched Catalogs lets you spice up your product feeds with thumb-stopping designs.

Plug in your existing product feed

Use our drag-and -drop creative builder to make your perfect template.

Connect the layers in your design to columns in your product feed.

Upload it directly to ad platforms to make your catalog creative stand out.

Ads Performance Analysis by AI and Dynamic Budgeting

Analyse ads performance by demography, location, ads formats etc

Increase budgets for performing ads and reduce budgets for non performing ads

Recommend strategies to improve ads performance

Automate A/B testing for different designs

Read how RetainIQ is helping global brands set themselves up for success

Nurture shoppers with Ads they can’t resist.