How Hero image personalization helped a regenerative tea brand Wild Orchard increase its CLTV by 180%.

Learn how Wild Orchard leveraged hero image personalization to engage the interest of its shoppers and, as a result, 2.8Xed its CLTV.
A regenerative tea brand on a mission to bring forward the purest tea organically cultivated, directly from a farm on Jeju island, promoting not just teas but also protection of mother nature.


Mt. Kisco, NY, US

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1:1 Personalization
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To promote the adoption of new products other than the best-selling ones amongst its shoppers, increasing CLTV and overall revenue.

With RetainIQ, we’re seeing double-digit revenue growth quarter over quarter and now we are personalizing not just part of but for across customers’ journey with us.

Hanna Keller, Marketing Manager


Rolling with pride and a substantial brand value, Wild Orchard has increasingly witnessed significant growth in business and acceptance amongst its shoppers. This tea brand pioneered the regenerative tea movement when it built its online presence last year. The start for the brand was no less than a blast, quickly gaining blazing recognition amongst its customers. Though faring well compared to competitors and gaining decent MoM growth, the challenge that existed with Wild Orchard was a little different in that beverages such as tea are considered staple worldwide and, hence, most consumers of such products stick to only one type of any of such beverage, a behaviour very much in alignment with human’s definition as a creature of habit and follower of consistency. The challenge, hence, for the brand was to make customers try other SKUs i.e. types of teas other than what they generally buy. Wild Orchard knew that if it flawlessly orchestrates events that would lead to the adoption of different types of teas, it could make an average consumer spend more, increasing, as a result, its overall revenue, an opportunity that otherwise stands lost. 


Hero Image personalization for both Email and SMS.

Post their association with RetainIQ, Wild Orchard put an end to its general marketing practice, a practice that’s quite prevalent in DTC ecosystem i.e. sending Emails and SMSes promoting their bestselling products, not the ones that weren’t. Instead, they let their content drive sales rather than the products themselves.


Wild Orchard was a sincere advocate of customer service and delight, hence, had a dedicated RECIPE page for visitors with the intent of engaging them with quick-make mouth-watering tea recipes. Though the intent was right, the page failed to gain enough traffic. However, RetainIQ’s personalization solution helped Wild Orchard leverage its recipes to convert more customers. RetainIQ helped them reach customers with Emails and SMSes that had their HERO image personalized with Recipe’s hero based on their recent site-action and/or weather. Site actions such as browse abandonment and cart abandonment and location-based weather information were used to personalize interventions. Shoppers living in hotter climates were shown recipes to keep them cool and vice-versa. Similarly, browse and cart abandoners were shown recipes made out of teas they had shown affinity for or intent to purchase. This marketing strategy intrigued customers to read many and try out different recipes that appealed to them and buy teas required for such recipes from Wild Orchard. 


1. 57% of the total orders in the first quarter, since the implementation of personalization, was for teas different from customers’ last purchase. 

2. 180% increase in CLTV as customers, along with their general purchase, started purchasing a variety of teas to try out different recipes.

3. Revenue per recipient (RPR) that was considerably low before RetainIQ stepped in shot up by 217%. All thanks to hyper-personalization of hero images that engaged and converted more, compared to same-for-all email and sms practice followed before.

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