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Intelligent, out-of-the-box flows that work

Pre Purchase Conversion Flows

Welcome Flow

Welcome a new customer to your brand and leave a great first impression. Tell your brand story.

key strategies

  • Tell Brand Story / Brand Value

  • Great welcome offer

  • Founder mail for personal connect


  • Create a great first impression

  • Generate first transaction from users

  • Customer should know what brand is all about

Browse Abandonment Flow

Recover customers who browse / search and leave. Reach out to them with right products and recommendations.

key strategies

  • Tell Brand Story

  • Product & Brand Reviews

  • Recommend best products


  • Help user decide

  • Convince user to buy

  • Make a Sale

Abandoned Cart Flow

The single most important flow for any brand. Don't leave money on the table. Convert as many visitors into customers as possible.

key strategies

  • Tell Brand Story

  • Offer on cart

  • Brand / Product Reviews


  • Convince user to buy

  • Establish brand credibility

  • Make a Sale

Back in Stock Flow

Inform your customers when your product is expected to be in stock. You can even ask customers to reserve or preorder id.

key strategies

  • Timely back in stock

  • Offer for the user

  • Share Product Reviews


  • Establish product credibility

  • Make a Sale

Post Purchase Retention Flows

Thank You Flow

Gratitude is never out of fashion. A great thank you flow can work wonders in customers' relationship with your brand.

key strategies

  • Welcome user to the family

  • Send a personal note

  • Recommend related products


  • Great first impression

  • Make user feel special

  • Increase cart value

Cross-Sell and Upsell Flow

Its always easier to sell to an existing customer than a new customer. A great cross sell flow works wonders to increase overall sales.

key strategies

  • Recommended related products

  • Special offer for user

  • Product Reviews


  • Convince user to buy

  • Make a sale

Customer Winback Flow

It's always easier to get a sale from existing customers than new customers. A winback flow is one of the most important tools in your customer retention strategy.

key strategies

  • Show personalised recommendation

  • Share an update about your brand

  • Great offer for repeat purchase


  • Activate dormant user

  • Generate repeat purchase

Replenishment flow

Sell your new product or category to your existing customers rather than new customers.

key strategies

  • Tell story about the new product

  • Behind the scenes leading to launch

  • Generate curiosity before launch


  • Generate visits from existing customers

  • Sales from existing customers

  • Feedback from existing customers