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Supercharge emails for your Shopify store

Best in class pre-built and pre-tested email flows with over 1000+ email templates. Deploy them 10X faster vs any other tool in the market.

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Pre-built email flows (automations) out of the box

Start with our recommended list of pre-tested flows that work best for your product category and market.

Pre purchase conversion flows

  • Welcome Flow
  • Browse Abandonment Flow
  • Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Back in stock flows

Post purchase retention flows

  • Thank you Flow
  • Cross-Sell and Upsell Flow
  • Customer Winback Flow
  • Replenishment flow

Easily customizable 1000+ pre-built email templates

Choose from our list of recommended email flows and email templates and customise them with your brand theme in just a few clicks. No more dependence on designers and engineers. Deploy email flows and templates on your existing email stack 10x faster.

Welcome series templates
Cart recovery templates
Checkout recovery templates
Back in stock templates
Thank you series templates
Product cross sell templates
Winback templates
New product launches templates

Get guaranteed results in days vs months

RetainIQ replaces expensive digital marketing agencies and design professionals who not only cost significantly more but also take months to set up and test your flows. Our flows and templates can be quickly deployed on your existing email stack in days, thus complementing your existing setup, rather than starting from scratch.




  • Need to hire external Digital marketing agency / designers / engineers
  • 3-6 months deployment time
  • Results take months to show up with out any guarantee
  • 10-15% open rates
  • 10 - 15% increase in sales



  • Do it yourself / with inhouse marketing person
  • Deployment takes only 1-2 weeks
  • Results out of the box. Guaranteed
  • 30%+ open rates because of tested flows
  • 12 - 15% recovery rates because of sequence emails
  • Increase overall sales by at least 30 - 40%

How it works

Choose from our list of recommended email flows and email templates and easily customise them with your brand kit / theme in just a few clicks using our customisation tool. Done for you options are also available.. Deploy your email flows and brand customised templates on your existing email infra.

Select pre-built flows for your store

Choose from a selection of recommended high performing pre-built flows

Select templates for each email in the flow

Choose from a selection of pre-tested email templates for the flow

Easily customize emails with your brand-kit

From subject lines to logo, from brand colours to hero images, customize email templates with ease.

Go live and increase sales

Keep improving your emails with our monthly recommendations / suggestions.


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