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Mesmerize shoppers with hyper-personalization.

Create meaningful 1:1 customer experiences through powerful AI personalization on Email and SMS.

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Empowering innovative DTC brands to create magic

All personalization use cases covered

Use loyalty information to significantly increase your shoppers’ loyalty to your brand. Easily add personalized and visually appealing loyalty information to engage them to buy more.

Easily use in all Emails or SMSes that you send

Increase engagement and drive repeat purchases

Show loyalty points, tiers or rule-based offers

Leverage the bandwagon effect by adding social proofs for products your shoppers have shown intent for. Increase conversions by showing your shoppers how popular a product is.

Show reviews and ratings for products in Emails and SMSes.

Real time display of the total no. of clicks, likes, purchases, etc.

Increase brand confidence and CTR.

Reference the local weather in your next campaign and use it to your advantage. Add magical touch by sending weather-targeted Emails and SMSes.

Personalize based on weather of the region your shoppers live in.

Optimize content depending on temperature, rainfall, wind, etc.

Increase engagement and conversion by forecasting for the time ahead.

Personalize not just content but also product recommendations, discounts, time to avail and more based on their action, affinity or intent exhibited on your website.

Recover abandoned carts like never before.

Welcome new customers to make their first purchase with a personalized discount.

Increase repeat purchases significantly via replenishment reminders.

Good products become great when found with ease. Let your customers know where your next big offering or newly-launched store is, at the location nearest to each of them.

Put your zip-code data into action.

Easily embed personalized location in your Emails and SMSes.

Increase store walk-in or newly-launched product sales substantially.

Put your CRM data to use. Woo your shoppers by providing them with the look and feel of what their next customized product or gift card meant exclusively for them would look like.

Dynamically augment the name of shoppers on the recommended products.

Greet them on their most important day with Cake that has their name on it.

Use their zodiac signs to recommend relevant products.

Email Personalization

Create hyper-relevant emails that automate your workload, delight shoppers and drive results for your brand.

Updates dynamically at the moment of open.

Combine multiple data sources into a single image/block.

Dynamic Decision Layer to help you get beyond segmentation.

Limitless email versions, all from 1 HTML.

SMS Personalization

Let your SMS do the talking by effectively communicating and engaging with shoppers on a deeper level.

Move beyond name, and personalize for any or all varied attributes.

Create and send not just image but also gif.

Customized time setting for each frame.

Convey multiple points in just one SMS.

Advanced Image Editor

Build easily with our drag and drop builder that allows you to infuse life into otherwise boring Emails and SMSes.

Easy & quick to setup.

Flexible layering of multiple data sources.

1:1 personalization to make each shopper feel special.

Deliver that wow experience and engage like never before.

Integration with Shopify ecosystem out of the box

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