Fuel your Brand’s Growth with Personalized Dynamic Creatives

Leverage the power of dynamic creatives to drive meaningful engagement and grow conversions. Start creating Enhanced Catalog Ads and Personalized Email Widgets at scale.

Enhanced Catalog Ads

Personalized Email Widgets

Scroll-stopping Catalog ads

Tailored for Attention

Activate your product data to create dynamic catalog ads that resonate deeply with customers.

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Personalization Widgets that Make
Your Emails Engage Smarter

Wield the power of customer and product data to create plug and play personalized email widgets.

Real Performance that Impacts Bottomline


Average Increase in

Catalog Ad rOAS


Average Increase in Email Attributed Revenue


Average Return on Investment

Empower Your Brand:
From Inspiration to Insight


Creative Genius: Powerful Editor that Combines Product & User Data

RetainIQ simplifies dynamic creatives with adaptive text and image variables. Transform your designs into contextually relevant creatives at scale.


Know what Resonates with Your Customer with Our Creative Analytics

Empower your marketing with RetainIQ’s analytics dashboard, offering data-driven insights to make the creatives that align with your audience.


Unleash powerful E-commerce synergy with Effortless Integrations

Leverage your user and product data to maximize impact with RetainIQ's direct integration into key ecosystems across Meta, Google and leading email service providers.

See what RetainIQ users have to say

“Been using the app since September and have seen a nice lift in conversions coming from email. Their support team was super helpful in getting everything set up. No heavy lifting on my part. They did it all.”

Sean Minton


ROI from RetainIQ widgets


Additional Revenue

Marcus Sobol

Acoustik Attak

The personalized blocks in email campaigns and flows seem to generate higher click rates due to their ability to pique the interest of individual customers on a bulk-send basis. The staff is very attentive at all hours of the day. Their communication and outgoing work presentation is very professional.

Sean Minton

White Mountain Puzzles

Been using the app since September and have seen a nice lift in conversions coming from email. Their support team was super helpful in getting everything set up. No heavy lifting on my part. They did it all.

Kaitlin Graber


It's fantastic working with the RetainIQ team - their team is quick to respond. They have taken our email campaign ideas and enhanced them with various data points and visual imagery. Since the beginning of our partnership, we've seen a rise in sales from emails. The team is knowledgeable when it comes to what works and is quick to change gears if something is less impactful.

Dr Kristian Edwards


I have worked with several email marketing companies, and RetainIQ is the best I’ve found so far.I was won over by the widget they can install in emails to make them more personal, but the emails they design are not only beautiful but my email performance has improved.

Dario Baldoni

Concrete Countertop Solutions

Been using this app for about 90 days now and it has really performed well and taking our email flows and campaigns to the next level by enabling highly personalized content blocks in our marketing emails. Their support is also great. They helped set everything up and continue to monitor the performance and make recommendations to increase conversion.

Ryan Gruss

Yurt Rock

This is an incredible company. We've seen an instant lift in our email flow revenue. They are very responsive and do great design and copy work for their email templates.


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