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50+ Back in Stock Email Examples and Templates to Inspire Your Restock Campaign


Extensive list of back in stock email examples and templates from leading brands.

Your back-in-stock email campaign is one of the most important marketing tools you have. It’s the only way to get your customers’ attention and let them know their favorite products are back in stock.

But building a successful email campaign isn’t easy. You have to consider timing, tone, content, and more. That’s why we’ve put together this list of 50+ examples and templates for you to use as inspiration for your next restock campaign!

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a new template or just want some new ideas for how to structure your emails, these examples will help you think outside the box so that you can inspire your audience and sell more products! But more importantly, recover the sales you lost to product stock-outs.

50+ back in stock email examples and templates to inspire your restock campaign

Let’s take a look at some of the leading back in stock email examples from brands across different industries, and what you can learn from them.

1. Sephora

Sephora brings the customer’s focus on its restocked product by including plenty of white space in their back-in-stock email. By mentioning the price upfront, Sephora saves customers the extra step of clicking through the email just to see the price. Moreover, the 4.5 stars rating is included to give customers confidence about buying it.

It also plays on scarcity in the email message by mentioning in the preheader, Get it before it’s gone, thus compelling customers to act fast.

2. Linda Bop

Linda Bop does a great job of using images thoughtfully to maintain Interest in their email copy. Here, they use pictures of models to help customers visualize how the products will end up looking when worn.

3. Alo Yoga

In their back-in-stock email, Alo Yoga customizes content, especially for items that come in different styles. By mentioning the words “Limited Edition”, they build an element of scarcity in their email copy, prompting the reader to take quick action.

4. Clever Training

Clever Training, a fitness gear company, uses scarcity and urgency to urge customers to make a purchase as the product may sell out again. By using repetition in their headline and body copy, the brand reinforced urgency and made it clear that there’s only a limited amount of stock.

5. BPN

In their back in stock email, BPN Includes similar product recommendations to keep up their customers’ interest in their products. BPN showcases other products their customers may be interested in toward the bottom of their email.

6. UGG

UGG works personalization and urgency into its back-in-stock email. Their subject line “Your slides are here” builds excitement and reminds customers that their much sought-after product is finally available for purchase. Plus they also build urgency through their statement: “Get yours before they sell out again”.

Finally, by using the photo of a model wearing the slides, UGG is hoping to tempt its customers to buy the product.


Kaufmann Mercantile works clarity into the first few lines of its back-in-stock email. The email is direct and clear.

Also, as you scroll down to the end, the email is signed off by the founder of the company. Though it’s probably written by one of the company’s employees, including the ‘s name is a powerful way to make customers feel like the company cares about them.


In its back-in-stock email, Williams Sonoma, adds value by highlighting the special perks it is offering, which in this case is free shipping. The perk is highlighted right above the scrumptious picture of their popular cookies.

The company also builds in exclusivity, urgency and scarcity by using the terms Be the first to know &(Hurry — quantities are limited.

Moreover, instead of showcasing product recommendations in their restock email, Williams Sonoma draws attention to their latest promo ($70 discount for sandwich press).


BPN captures its customer’s attention by using the bold headline “It’s Back”. This email further highlights the product benefits along with glowing reviews from satisfied customers to build social proof into the email. This helps instill confidence in the customer and helps them make a quick purchase decision.


Eberjey sparks curiosity in its restock email through its subject line: You asked, we listened. It automatically entices customers to open the email to see what it’s about.

The headline “You loved it so much, we brought it back” reminds its customers how much they once desired the product. Moreover, the brand also leverages scarcity (Selling fast), urgency (Don’t wait another second), and power words (best sellers and super-soft) in its email content and CTA to increase its chances of closing the sale.


Firebox grabs its customer’s attention by speaking in its customer’s language and using the slang phrase, OMG. This not only brings in a bit of quirkiness into its branding and marketing but also makes the tone of voice used here on point. Moreover, by showing a wide range of categories, it’s emphasizing that there’s something for everyone here.

To top it all, tying its restock email with special occasions like Father’s Day is a great way to boost sales and reach a wider audience.

12. FOOD52

Food52 uses exclusivity and power words in their back-in-stock email. The use of words like best-selling, lucky for you, and one-of-a-kind prompt customers to make the purchase right away.

The brand places its CTA button Shop Now in two places for two kinds of customers: the above CTA is for those who are ready to buy and the below one is for those who may need to be convinced to buy.

13. Kylie cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics highlights their top-selling back-in-stock items like their high gloss based on its history of how quick they sell out. They also include multiple products in their email to capture a window shopper’s attention and increase their average cart order value. The added incentive of free shipping for orders over $40 prompts customers to buy more than one item.

14. Anthropologie

Anthropologie’s back-in-stock email is the perfect example of how to promote a single top-selling product in your email.

The subject line instantly grabs your attention and makes you wonder what you mean by “déjà oooh”. The email focuses on a single product: its bestselling dress that’s now back in stock. By mentioning it as bestselling, it adds even more social proof to this email. Finally, the two (CTA) buttons make it easy for you to click through and buy the product.

In the rest of the email, Anthropologie recommends other products that go well with the restocked dress.

15. Frank And Oak

Frank And Oak’s back-in-stock email doubles the customer’s excitement when they announce that a customer favorite is restocked and that too at a discounted price. It’s one thing to have your favorite product return to shelves, and another thing when it comes back with a discount.

The brand doesn’t stop here. In the remainder of their email, the company recommends a top you can pair your shorts with, and it comes with a choice of different colors:

16. Violet Grey

Violet Grey, a high-end makeup and skincare brand, sends its back-in-stock email with the subject line “Try Again?”. The short and crisp email doesn’t highlight just one product or category, but rather displays all its back-in-stock items.

In its email copy, Violet Grey explains why these products often “fly off the shelves”: the pandemic led to people spending more time at home and adopting at-home treatments, causing Violet Grey’s products to sell out. The company induces a FOMO by adding that there are “no guarantees” on how long these products will stay in stock.

17. Apothékary

Apothékary sends a short and sweet back-in-stock pre-launch email to announce the relaunch of a limited edition collection.

The subject “We blue you away once. ”, hints at the return of an old best selling product, evoking curiosity. Through its copy, the company also expresses appreciation for being on its list by calling the reader a “close friend” and promising an early product release. This way, Apothékary aims to get you to commit to its product launch and increase its chances of making the sale when the product launches.

Apothekary Back-in-Stock Pre-Launch Email

18. AYR

AYR’s back-in-stock email is filled with elements evoking scarcity.

In its email, AYR explains why its products quickly go out of stock: small batches to minimize waste. This way the company reframes its narrative as an environmentally responsible corporate action. And now that the customers know AYR produces in small batches, they would not miss out on this restock.

19. Tarte

Tarte uses an all-caps subject line with the sidenote “for now” to hint at scarcity and project its stock as a limited-edition restock. In its email, the company brilliantly uses a GIF showing the product being used, instead of just using a simple image.

This not only helps Tarte’s subscribers visualize the product that once got sold out but also reminds them of what it does.

Even better, the CTA button “Tape Back Time” emphasized the product’s benefit rather than asking you to buy.

In the remainder of the email, Tarte includes a positive customer review supporting its claim about the product’s effectiveness. This further adds persuasiveness and social proof to Tarte’s back-in-stock email.

20. Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay’s back-in-stock email uses a clean email design, a compelling CTA, and persuasive copywriting. Its back-in-stock email comes with the subject line “Look who’s FINALLY ”

What’s unique about Beauty Bay is that it designs the entire email to look like a product listing page rather than showing a few popular products. Customers can check out all the restocked products and their price and rating information in the email itself, without having to navigate to a landing page. This is a brilliant way to reduce friction and increase conversions from your back-to-stock emails.

21. Hylete

Hylete’s back-in-stock announcement focuses on only one product: their popular polo t-shirt. Because of this, they are able to highlight features such as the fit, the fabric, stitching, and the color options, all of which make this product unique. Thereafter, they navigate customers directly to the specific product page rather than to a more general page of their store.

22. Greats

Footwear brand Greats works out an interesting strategy in their back-in-stock email. They promote the products that are back in stock by marking them as perfect gifts for the upcoming holiday. In this example, the brand is trying to convince the reader that they should check out the popular collection which is restocked just in time for Father’s day.

23. Beltology

Beltology, in this back-in-stock email, mentions how some of the sizes get sold out faster than others and get restocked after a long period of time. The email announces that all its sizes, even the most popular ones, are now available again.

24. Albion

Albion creates a sense of urgency in the subject line by writing “RESTOCKED! For a limited time.”. This lets the customers know that popular items are back in stock for only a limited time and encourages customers to complete the purchase as soon as possible.

In the email, they then link to the site page of the products that are back in stock.

25. The Citizenry

The Citizenry’s email is the perfect example of a back-in-stock email that exhibits simplicity, contains no long descriptions, and is even without a long list of products. In this example, their email contains an animated gif showing a variety of products that are restocked and ends with a single CTA “Shop now”.

26. Ciaté

Ciaté’s back-in-stock announcement for their Makeup Melter is backed by strong social proof to convince the doubting shoppers. By including glowing reviews from its past customers, the brand backs up its claim that the product is an effective makeup removing solution and a must-have in any beauty fanatic’s arsenal.


Retailer UNIQLO creates captivating back-in-stock emails by experimenting with various email layouts, offering additional product information, alternative products, and discounts. The retailer sends its back-in-stock emails more frequently than others by emailing customers almost five times over a three-day period.

28. Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective announces an upcoming restock and asks customers to sign up for notifications. The brand understands that to get customers excited about a product that has a history of selling out quickly is to send a pre-stock notification. This way readers have an option to sign up for back-in-stock notifications for the most popular items that will be available soon.

29. Jambu

Jambu lets its customers know that their popular restocked items are back-in-stock and on sale. The brand highlights the ongoing sale in the subject line: This best-selling shoe is back in stock – and 50% off for a limited time!

Jambu makes sure to mention in its back-in-stock email that it is running a sale on its popular items to encourage customers to go to the website and purchase.

back in stock email examples

30. BarkShop

In their back-in-stock email, BarkShop explains why their restocked products are all-time favorites and includes a detailed description of each product that is re-stocked. The brand mentions user reviews, materials used, and various product features along with including a photo of each product.

31. The Body Shop

The Body Shop sends an email to their customers letting them know that their product is back in stock and ready for purchase. The email contains essential information about the product, including pricing, but it doesn’t get bogged down by too many details. Instead, it focuses on just one thing: making sure that the customer knows their product is ready for purchase again.

The headline “The wait is over” highlights this message in big letters at the top of the email so that even if your customer only reads the headline before clicking away from it or deleting it without reading further, they’ll still get the message loud and clear: A good product is back.

32. McLaren

McLaren’s back-in-stock email is a great example of how to use vivid imagery and compelling language to get your readers excited about what’s back in stock. The email also has a selection of the best-selling products that are now available, along with links to the product pages so customers can check out what they’re interested in buying.


RIPCURL has been a leader in the swimwear industry for years, and it’s back-in-stock email is no exception. The email has vivid imagery that shows off the best-selling products that are back in stock, along with featuring a detailed description of what makes each product unique.

Moreover, the products are displayed in context by showing how they would look when worn—a helpful feature for those who aren’t sure whether or not they’d like something before they buy it.

34. BALTIC Shop

The back-in-stock email from BALTIC Shop focuses on one category of products, face masks, and displays all their best-restocked products in this category only. This is a great way to give customers an idea of what the shop has to offer without overwhelming them with too much information. It includes the links to individual product pages for each of the restocked items.

The email also displays other product categories that the brand sells.

35. Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader’s back-in-stock email combines the restock announcement with a special holiday offer: free delivery and a limited period offer. The brand chooses to focus on only 2-3 restocked items, which allows them to keep the customer interested in their products and make sure they don’t miss out on the special offer.

The restocked items are presented in a concise format, with each item’s image followed by a CTA saying “Don’t miss out”.

36. HobbyCraft

HobbyCraft’s back-in-stock email induces urgency for its restocked rose gold storage trolley. By mentioning that it is selling fast, the email makes customers feel like they should purchase the item now or risk missing out on it altogether.


The back-in-stock email is an important part of the SHEIN customer experience. It gives customers a sense of what they might be missing out on, and it informs them that they still have a chance to buy them before they sell out.

The email displays a great assortment of its bestselling products, so customers can see what they’re missing out on. It also invites the customer to take advantage of SHEIN’s ongoing offer on Buy Now and Pay later.


The email uses a very bold, colorful, and vibrant design to announce that the bestsellers are back. Moreover, it also recommends some new products which will help the customers to find a good deal.

39. Forever21


Forever21’s back-in-stock emails are fun and engaging. They use real people’s imagery to display their clothing and how it would end up looking on someone. This is a great way to help customers quickly visualize what they will look like in the clothing, as well as what they could pair it with. It also recommends accessories that may go with the clothing along with options for men’s clothing.


40. Milled

​​ Milled’s back-in-stock email focuses on only one single product and makes it the focus of the email.

The email uses a subject line that doesn’t make sense until you read the content: “Look who’s back.” In those three words, we learn that Milled is back in stock with a new product.

This approach is more effective than sending out an email that covers all of your products at once. By focusing on just one item and building up excitement around it, you make customers want to buy from you even more.

41. Country Attire

Country Attire’s back-in-stock email uses a simple layout to display a variety of products. Each product is accompanied by a short description on what makes it unique and why shoppers love it.

This email is designed with the intention of grabbing shoppers’ attention quickly and drawing them in. The use of bright colors and large images make for an eye-catching header, which is then followed by a brief message asking shoppers to come back to shop the site.

​​ back in stock email examples

42. Nip and Fab

Nip and Fab is a British brand that focuses on skincare products. It’s back-in-stock email focuses on its 2 best selling products: glycolic fix scrub and glycolic fix scrub extreme. It’s a smart move, since these two products have been the most popular among Nip and Fab customers for years. By making sure that customers know about them first, Nip and Fab is able to entice customers to make a purchase without losing them to other brands.

43. Elf Cosmetics

Elf Cosmetics’s back-in-stock email highlights its bestselling lip exfoliator with a vivid image of the product. The top two-thirds of the email is dedicated to the lip exfoliator, with a large, easy-to-read image of the product, offered in 3 flavors and a price quote of $3. The bottom part offers a link to take users directly to the item’s page on Elf’s website, and another that allows them to quickly browse other popular items.

44. TopMan

TopMan’s back-in-stock email lists the 7 items every shopper must have in their wardrobe. The email also shows the images of the products to give shoppers an idea of how each product fits into their wardrobe and how they can be paired together.

45. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal’s back-in-stock email is a collage of its bestselling products and those that have recently come back in stock. This combination of various vivid images makes this email more attractive than the usual “back-in-stock” emails.


46. Roxx by Hotpoint

Roxx by Hotpoint’s main selling point in its back-in-stock email is a discount offer of 10% on its bestselling sandals. This incentivizes customers to buy the sandals at a lower price and makes them feel like they’re getting a good deal.

47. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters regularly sends out back-in-stock emails to customers with links to Urban’s best selling clothing and footwear, and its top-selling makeup options. The combination of categories offers customers a wide selection of products from which to choose, increasing the chance that they will make a purchase.

48. PIXIE Market

PIXIE Market back in stock email focuses on only four best-selling clothing options. The email features large and vivid images of the clothes worn by people to help readers visualize how the clothes would look on them.

49. LuLu’s

LuLu’s back-in-stock email is visually appealing with a black background and white text. The subject line is “LuLu’s back in black” which draws attention to the fact that LuLu’s black clothing collection is available for purchase again. The body of the email is short and sweet, with a promise of free shipping and new arrivals, the email aims to navigate readers back to their site and make a purchase

50. Tommie Copper

Tommie Copper’s back-in-stock email announces the restock of its best-selling shoulder-centric support shirt. The email also explains how the product can help with upper back relief, provides support for shoulders and spine, reduce pain and fatigue, and boost support. By including a testimonial from a doctor and a 5-star rating, the email provided strong social proof to shoppers who are doubting the purchase.

The second half of the email goes on to recommend more similar products.

51. Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret stays true to its branding and displays everything the brand has to offer in its back-in-stock email: a product that is back in stock, a limited-time deal promising a free purchase, free two-day shipping, and an assortment of other product categories sold by the company.

52. Crate and Barrel

In its back-in-stock email, Crate and Barrel announces the return of its best-selling mirror through the headline “Get ready to strike a pose”. The email features a large image of the mirror followed by a one-line testimonial in favor of making the purchase. In the end, the brand recommends similar home decor products to increase the average cart order value and provide help in creating a unique room decor with the help of design experts.

back in stock email examples

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