EMAIL Personalization


Nurture relationships, one email at a time.

Connect with your shoppers through personalized emails that drive conversions.

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Emails that make shoppers act

Loyalty Block

Effortlessly incorporate your customers’ loyalty information into your next Email based on their journey and interaction with your brand.

Use loyalty to encourage users to transact with your brand.

Create evangelists by rewarding them for accumulated points.

Attract and retain in a cost-effective way.

Make experience more personalized and enjoyable.

Weather Block

Enhance the relevance and impact of your next campaign by incorporating weather-specific elements in Hero, content and images.

Grab shoppers’ attention by tailoring emails to their weather conditions.

Also, provide product suggestions for forecasted conditions.

Experience higher open and click-through rates.

Dynamically change CTAs and be more contextually relevant.

User Journey Block

Tailor recommendations to a shopper based on their unique interests, preferences and purchase history and substantially increase their engagement with your brand.

Leverage data to understand preferences and suggest products.

Trigger a sense of urgency by making offers time-sensitive.

Include social proof to build credibility for the recommended products.

Experience increased customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Location Block

Direct shoppers to stores where they can get hold of your products from by sending personalized nearest location for every shopper.

Use location of your shoppers to personalize content and products.

Include a map or direction to the nearest location in the email.

Use images or videos of the nearest location to make emails more engaging.

Drive footfalls to your stores for your next big events or offers.

Read how RetainIQ is helping global brands set themselves up for success

How site-based action targeting helped a clothing brand Burger Bae increase its AOV by 27% and revenue by 174%.

How personalized recommendations for “selling out fast” products helped a fast-fashion brand Haanum increase its revenue by 34%.

Nurture shoppers with Emails they can’t resist.

Elevate both:
customer delight and email revenue

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