Facebook (Meta) Ads Agency

Facebook (Meta) Ads Agency: Optimize Ads with our AI-Tool in 2024

Chances are you already know the value of Facebook ads now known as Meta Ads. A platform doesn’t need to be sold when it can boast of numbers like these:

We could make a list of brands that have sold wares worth millions doing nothing other than Facebook ads. Your business could be next.

But are Facebook ads really as simple as ‘design a creative and set up targeting and you’re done’? The answer is NO. 

Like everything else that has value, Facebook ads demand sincere effort and skill. But not many understand the work that goes into making those ads successful.

You see, Facebook ads are not just about finding the right audience and building an enticing offer. There’s so much more that goes into creating effective Facebook ads. You have to:

  • Write compelling copy,
  • Set up your ad account
  • Define targeting
  • Allocate budget, 
  • Constantly measure and Optimize performance

That’s where a Facebook ads agency comes into play. As an agency, we know the difference between ‘let’s try Facebook ads and see what happens’ and ‘we live and breathe the world of Facebook ads’.

In this article, we’ll take you behind the curtain. By the time you’re done reading, you will have clear answers to the most pressing questions about working with a Facebook ads agency.

We will cover:

(Note: The Facebook company is now called Meta. However, to avoid confusion, we’ll stick with the company’s old name throughout this article.)

So let’s start with the most basic question.

What exactly is a Facebook ads agency?

Let’s break this down. To run a great Facebook ad campaign, you need a large team of experts. At the very least, you need:

  • Market researchers (to identify your ideal audiences)
  • Copywriters (to craft compelling ad copy)
  • Designers (to create visuals that grab attention)
  • Technical specialists (to set up and manage your ad accounts)

But here’s the thing: to build this team in-house can be a huge challenge for most businesses. You’d need to hire, train, and manage staff. Of course, you will also need to keep up with Facebook’s ever-evolving ad policies and best practices.

That’s where a Facebook ads agency becomes invaluable. If your agency partner is anything like RetainIQ, it will offer you the entire arsenal of talent you need to crush it with Facebook advertising. For our clients, we are a turnkey solution; we’re a dedicated, experienced team with one and only one focus — make you much more money than what you spend on Facebook ads, simple as that.

Think about it: could you really afford to have a full-time Facebook ads expert on your payroll? Or, do you really want to build an in-house team for this? If you do, you’d end up with generalists who wear many hats, and on whose heads no hat fits well. Your Facebook ads agency allows you to tap into that collective expertise without the hefty overhead.

Now that you know what a Facebook ads agency is all about, let’s unpack the layers of another question: what do these agencies actually do for you?

How do Facebook ads agencies work?

You might be surprised to know the full scope of work for setting up a successful Facebook ad campaign.

It all starts with laying the groundwork. This is time to define your goals, understand your target audiences, find out who your competitors are, and get a taste of the top-performing ads in your industry.

From there, we go to the next stage where you create offers that nobody can say no to, and convey them via ads that nobody can scroll past without a click. So you need someone to create irresistible offers tailored to your audiences, create compelling ad creatives with visually striking designs, and write persuasive copy that resonates.

But the work is far from over. Your Facebook ad account must be set correctly. Someone needs to create custom audiences, set up dynamic product ads, and ensure the account complies with ever-changing Meta policies.

Then comes the ongoing management. Someone has to continuously test and iterate to refine your targeting, creative approach, and overall strategy. For example, a top Facebook ads agency would tell you outright that vertical video ads with audio see a 35% higher click-through rate on FB. Imagine missing out on such insight. 

Then, someone has to analyze performance data and fine tune all controls to boost the ROI on your ad spend. Someone has to keep their finger on the pulse on the latest trends, updates, and best practices in the fast-evolving Facebook ads ecosystem.

Phew, that’s a lot, right?

Could you handle all these tasks in-house? For most businesses, it’s quicker, faster, and cheaper to partner with a Facebook ads agency.

At RetainIQ, we see the role of a Facebook ads agency across three core areas:

1. Advisory

This is where it all begins. We, as your Facebook Ads agency, will sit down with you to set realistic goals. What do you want to achieve? Increased brand awareness? More sales or leads? Or perhaps, introducing a new product? We’ll help you understand what’s achievable and will do the groundwork to get your campaign off to a strong start.


Here’s where we dive into the details. We begin with your target audience—who are they, what do they like, how old are they, and what other brands are they interested in? We turn detectives on your competitors, what’s worked in the past, and the types of offers that resonate with your market. This effort is vital, as it ensures our plan is based on data, and not instincts.

3. Execution

This is where the rubber meets the road. Our team handles all technical aspects of the campaign. From setting up your Facebook business page and custom audiences to building dynamic product ads and ensuring your account complies with Facebook’s policies. We continuously manage, tweak, and optimize your ads. We keep your account on top of the latest changes.

With us as your Facebook ads agency, you get a team that will oversee every stage of the process. That’s how you build a Facebook ads account that works like a finely-tuned growth engine to propel your business forward.

But can it be done financially? For that, we need to find out the cost of hiring a Facebook ads agency. 

What is the cost of a Facebook ads agency?

This is the big question: how much does it actually cost to hire a Facebook ads agency? Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. But let’s break down how agencies typically charge and what factors can influence the price tag.

Here are some factors that make a difference:

  • Agency Expertise: Does the agency have a proven track record and niche expertise?
  • Your Budget: How much are you prepared to spend on ads each month?
  • Project Scope: Need a full-fledged campaign takeover or just a bit of extra help? This will impact the cost.

So, hiring a Facebook ads agency is like hiring any skilled professional—the costs depend on factors you can control.

There’s another aspect of Facebook ad agency pricing that you must know about. It’s the pricing model.

Facebook ads agencies pricing models

Most agencies use one of these five pricing methods:

  1. Percentage of Ad Spend – This is the most common one. Here, the agency charges you a percentage based on how much you spend on ads each month. It’s straightforward: the more you spend, the more the agency earns. This model aligns the agency’s incentive with your ad spend.
  2. Fixed Monthly Fee + Percentage of Ad Spend – With this model, you pay a base fee every month plus a percentage of your ad spend.
  3. Fixed Monthly Fee + Revenue Share – This model is based on charging you a fixed fee coupled with a share in the revenue generated from the ads.
  4. Flat Fee – Under this model, you pay a set amount each month, regardless of your ad spend. Businesses that have a predictable ad spending pattern prefer this model.

While every agency is different, expect fees to fall roughly within these ranges:

  • < $5K monthly ad spend: Percentage of ad spend (10-20%) or fixed monthly fee ($1,000 – $3,000)
  • $5K – $20K monthly ad spend: Hybrid models or fixed fees ($3,000 – $7,000)
  • $20K+ monthly ad spend: Custom pricing based on your specific needs

Above all, remember this: the cost of a Facebook ads agency has to be seen as investment, not a pure expense. At the end of the day, the value proposition of Facebook ads is this: ‘you spend $1 and your bottom line grows with more than $1.’ So, if done right, Facebook ads agencies can actually turn Facebook into an investment engine for you!

Of course, there are other reasons to find and work with the right ads agency. Let’s learn about these.

8 reasons why a Facebook ads agency is worth it

Let’s be honest — to juggle a successful business and to master the complexities of Facebook ads is tough. But before you decide to DIY it all, consider what a Facebook ads agency truly brings to the table:

1. They know what you don’t

The technical side of Facebook ads is deceptive to those who haven’t spent months mastering the controls. There’s a lot to cover — The Pixel, Dynamic Product Ads, Remarketing, Lead Generation, and so much more.

An agency brings a team that handles these elements daily. This means you don’t have to worry about missing out on powerful features just because they’re complex or unknown to you.

2. They keep you on top of what’s new

Facebook’s ad policies change all the time. Keeping up can be a full-time job.

Did you know, for instance, that Facebook used to reject ads with more than 20% text on their images? They’ve since relaxed this rule. But 9 out of 10 Facebook ads still don’t experiment enough to benefit from the creative freedom. A good agency stays on top of these updates. This saves you both time and potential headaches.

3. They help you grow quickly and safely

Think about this: your ad is doing great at $20 a day, so why not just bump it up to $200 and see ten times the success? Of course, it’s not that simple. To scale ads effectively, an expert agency carries out careful adjustments to avoid diminishing returns. 

Agencies know the ins and outs of Facebook’s bidding and audience reach algorithms. This means a lot, as this knowledge is vital for the agency to ensure that when you decide to increase your ad spend, every dollar works as hard as the first. Isn’t it better to invest wisely rather than just spend more?

4. They know what works

When you’re deep in the weeds of your own business, it’s easy to miss opportunities. An agency brings a fresh set of eyes. They can spot potential in your products, your messaging, or identify new audiences you hadn’t considered.

Facebook ads agencies work across different markets. Naturally, they have a bird’s-eye view of what works in one sector that might be worth trying in another. This broad exposure means they can apply tactics from one industry to boost performance in another. This alone can save you hundreds of dollars every month, as you’d not need to learn everything on your own money.

5. They know how to capture attention via ad creatives

How often have you scrolled past ads that just didn’t catch your eye? Remember this: all your ad budget goes to waste if the ad creative isn’t good enough. An expert Facebook ads agency has already done the hard yards. With access to talented graphic designers and copywriters, they produce creative elements that stand out in crowded newsfeeds. More importantly, they know how to tailor this creativity to match your brand.

6. They can measure and then improve results

Numbers tell stories, but do you know what story your data is telling? Agencies can tell you exactly that, and more. They collect and analyze vast amounts of campaign data and transform those numbers into insights. This can pinpoint what elements of your campaigns are working and which ones need to change.

7. They make every dollar of ad-spend accountable

Initially, hiring an agency might seem like just another line item on your budget. However, consider the waste in running campaigns that don’t work. Agencies can optimize your ad spend, avoid costly mistakes and enhance ROI. Over time, this can significantly increase your profitability.

8. They free up your most precious resource: time

Running effective Facebook Ads is a time-drain. From ad creation to audience research to optimization, there are a million little tasks. An agency takes this load off your shoulders and lets you get back to what you do best – running your business.

Of course, despite these reasons, you need to be sure that hiring a Facebook ads agency is worth it for you. 

Is a Facebook ad agency for you?

A word of caution: even a top Facebook Ads agency isn’t a magic bullet for every business. But, if the following sounds familiar, it might be time to level up your marketing game:

  • You’ve hit a ceiling: Sales are steady, but you’re stuck in the same place. You crave that next big surge of growth, but you’re not sure how to make it happen.
  • Growth feels inconsistent: Maybe you have some great months, followed by frustrating dips. You want consistent, predictable growth, not a roller coaster ride.
  • You’re tired of underperforming agencies: You’ve tried outsourcing before, only to be met with empty promises and lackluster results.
  • You have big ambitions: You’re not aiming for “okay” sales, you want to become the dominant force in your niche.
  • You’re ready for a true partnership: You want an agency that’s invested in your success, not just cranking out ads.

If you answered “heck yes” to any of the above, a Facebook ads agency could be exactly what you need to achieve the growth you know is possible.

Why is RetainIQ the top Facebook ads agency out there?

Okay, we know what you’re thinking. Every agency claims to be the top of the league. So why should you believe us? Here’s the thing: we know results matter more than big promises. Let’s dive into what truly sets RetainIQ apart.

Get the best of Facebook Ads tech

Here at RetainIQ, we use smart technology, specifically AI, to make your ads work better. For instance, our AI-based Catalog Ads tool helps make sure your ads show up for the right people, which makes them more likely to buy what you’re selling. Isn’t it great when technology can do the hard work for you?

Make your budget last longer

We understand every dollar you spend is important. That’s why we use your advertising budget as efficiently as possible. We do this by continuously improving how your ads perform, making sure they reach the right people, and tailoring messages to different groups to increase their effectiveness. Wouldn’t you want your advertising budget to go further? Ask us exactly how we will do this for you.

Get the expert team you always wanted

Starting out with Facebook ads can seem complex, but don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. At RetainIQ, you get access to a team that knows every part of the advertising process. This means you get expert help at every step, ensuring no part of your campaign is weak.

Stay up-to-date, always

Facebook often changes its rules for ads, and keeping up can be difficult. Our team stays current with all these updates, so your ads always follow the rules and use the latest features. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that your ads are always up to scratch?

Know the absolute truth, at all times

We believe you should understand exactly how well your ads are doing. That’s why we provide detailed but easy-to-understand reports. This helps you see the real effects of your ads on your sales, clear and simple. Ready to see the real results of your investments?

Those are just a few of the reasons why RetainIQ stands out as the premier Facebook ads agency.

But we really want to talk more about how we make our clients get more for less. While there is a lot of buzz about AI technologies in the world of outbound marketing, true success seems elusive. 

We tackled this problem and then cracked it. How? Let’s find out. 

How AI can boost your Facebook ads ROI even more?

We all know Facebook ads come in different flavors: videos, single images, and the workhorse known as Catalog Ads. 

Catalog Ads pull directly from your online store, and give your shoppers a quick glance at your products. 

While they may not be as flashy, they’re sneaky good at driving sales.

But here’s the thing: making Catalog Ads really shine is a pain. It takes a lot of work to create eye-catching images for every single product you have. That’s where most businesses get stuck. They use only a fraction of their full product range in ads. This is where AI can change the game.

We’ve built an AI-powered tool at RetainIQ.io to solve this exact problem. 

Imagine this: Instead of boring Catalog Ads with plain white backgrounds, our tool can automatically spice up those product images with attention-grabbing designs.

Here’s a demo. 

RetainIQ DPA Ads Example

Here’s the best part about RetainIQ.io – it can handle unlimited products. That means your entire catalog is suddenly ad-ready.

Our clients are already seeing a 20% increase in their return on ad spend (ROAS) thanks to RetainIQ.io powered Catalog Ads. That means more sales for the same amount of money you’re already spending.

Want to give your Facebook ads a serious AI-powered boost? Let’s talk about how RetainIQ.io can upgrade your Catalog Ads.


How quickly can I see results from my Facebook ads?

Facebook ad growth takes time. We’ll need a couple of weeks to gather data, test different approaches, and optimize. BUT, you should see positive movement within the first month. Our focus is on long-term ROI, not flashing quick wins that fizzle out.

What makes Facebook ads better than other types of advertising?

Facebook ads allow for very specific targeting based on user behavior, demographics, interests, and more. This means the people most likely to buy your products will see your ads.

How much do I need to spend to see success?

This is a tricky one. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer here. The right budget — among many other factors — depends on your goals and industry. However, a modest budget can often show early signs of what works and what doesn’t, allowing us to adjust for better performance. We recommend starting with what you’re comfortable with and scale from there.

What if Facebook changed advertising rules?

More than ‘if’, this is a question of ‘when’. Updates to ad policies by Meta is something we keep a close eye on. If there are any changes, we adjust your campaigns accordingly to keep them running smoothly and compliantly.

How will I know if my Facebook ads are working?

We provide detailed reports that show how your ads are performing. You’ll see metrics like how many people are seeing your ads, how many are clicking on them, and what part of sales can be attributed to ads. You’ll get clear reports tailored to what matters most to you – whether that’s website traffic, sales, or leads. You’ll always have a grasp on your investment and how it’s performing. Plus, we’re happy to walk you through any confusing terms or concepts.

Can you manage seasonal campaigns, for instance, for holidays?

Yes, such seasonal campaigns are vital. We’ll tailor your ads to resonate with the seasonal themes and shopping behaviors typical of these times.

Do you work with companies outside my industry?

Yes, we work with different industries. This means we can pass on the benefits of what we’ve learned from one industry, to another.

I’ve tried Facebook ads before and they just didn’t work. What will you do differently?

Totally get the frustration! First, we’ll do a deep dive into those past campaigns – maybe it was off-target audiences, clunky ads, or something as simple as not tracking results correctly. We’ll pinpoint what went wrong so we don’t repeat history. Then, we bring in expertise you probably didn’t have access to before. This will get you the results you know are possible.

What if my ads aren’t performing well even with your agency?

We’ll identify the root cause and correct it. Facebook ads success is all about optimization. This could involve changing the ad design, tweaking the message, or targeting different audiences. Whatever it takes, we’re committed to finding the formula that works for your specific needs.

How much control will I have over the campaigns?

This is YOUR business, so collaboration is key. We want you involved! We’ll have regular check-ins where you review performance, share feedback, and brainstorm new ideas together. But, the beauty of an agency is that we handle the day-to-day execution, so you’re free to focus on what you do best.

What if I want to make changes to my ad budget mid-month?

We’re flexible! Sudden opportunities pop up, and we understand that. If you need to scale up or down your spend, we’ll adjust your strategy with minimal disruption.

Can you guarantee an exact return on investment (ROI)?

Agencies promising a fixed ROI are probably not being completely honest. While we’re confident in our ability to deliver results, too many factors (like your website, product pricing, etc.) are outside our control. However, we will set clear benchmarks based on your goals, and will track our progress towards hitting them.

There are so many agencies. How do I know you’re the right fit?

It’s less about being the “top” Facebook ads agency, and more about finding the agency that ‘clicks’ with you. Ask us about our values, our processes, anything that’ll give you a feel for how we work. Trust your gut – if our approach resonates with you, that’s a good sign!

What’s the first step to starting?

Let’s chat! We’d love to learn more about your business, your goals, and answer any other questions you have. From there, we can tailor a plan that makes sense for you. Ready to explore if we’re a good fit?