SMS Personalization


Personalize your most personal marketing channel.

Provide a compelling experience through SMS that motivates shoppers to take action.

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The distinction between a good SMS and an exceptional one

Abandoned Products

Remind customers of their abandoned carts by personalizing your next SMS and recover cart like never before.

Make SMS feel more targeted by including shopper’s name.

Display abandoned products to tap their interest.

Include special offers to incentivize shoppers for purchasing.

Also, add the nearest store’s location for offline buying.


Recommend collections to your shoppers based on the current or forecasted weather and encourage shoppers to prepare well in advance.

Personalize Hero and product recommendations based on local conditions.

Include special offers to be availed on redeeming loyalty points.

Incorporate weather-related visuals to make SMS more engaging.

Incorporate sense of urgency by making offers time-sensitive.

Sale Event

Max out your live or new sale by personalizing your SMS for offers and recommendations relevant to your shoppers.

Tailor event-specific SMS to individual’s interests and site actions.

Offer exclusive discounts to convert shoppers.

Dynamically recommend products relevant to customer affinity.

Encourage shoppers to take advantage of the sale event.

Product Launch

Elegantly announce new arrivals by personalizing for shoppers and highlighting popularity/fast-moving status.

Use customer data to personalize the launch announcement SMS.

Use social proof to make announcements more compelling.

Drive conversions by making the announcement time-sensitive.

Display new products based on interests or weather conditions.

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How “New Day, New Look” campaign helped a cosmetics brand Disguise Cosmetics increase its CTR by 116%.

How weather-based targeting helped a regenerative tea brand Wild Orchard increase its total email clicks by 69%.

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