Uncover the Difference: Segmentation vs Personalization


In the modern age of marketing, segmentation and personalization are two powerful tools for driving customer engagement. But despite their similarities, segmentation and personalization have distinct meanings that should be understood before they are implemented in your email campaigns. In my opinion, these two terms are drastically different from each other. In this blog post, […]

How site-based action targeting helped a skincare brand Veribella reduce its CAC by 37%.

THE CHALLENGE:  Veribella had found its niche in its industry category. Though the products purchased by customers were reviewed and rated high, the problem endemic to the DTC world persisted, i.e. high marketing costs and fewer conversions. High CAC and low marketing ROI started emerging as threats, with the potential risk of putting the brand […]

How to use click-based profiling to personalize emails and increase conversion

click based profiling for email personalization

You’ve probably heard of click-based profiling, but what is it exactly? And how can you use it to personalize your emails and increase conversion? Click-based profiling is a way of segmenting your email list by the links that recipients click on in your emails. This allows you to send more targeted and relevant emails, which […]

Convert More Christmas Shoppers With SMS Personalization

SMS personalization christmas

Christmas is just around the corner, and retailers are already gearing up for the rush of holiday shoppers. But how can you make sure your store stands out from the rest? One way is to personalize your SMS marketing campaigns. By sending targeted, relevant messages to your customers, you can show them that you care […]

Convert More Christmas Shoppers with Email Personalization

email personalization christmas

Christmas is a time of celebration and merriment. It’s also the time of year when people are most willing to spend money. The holidays are a challenging time for email marketers. The stakes are high since this channel has the greatest conversion rate. We can all agree that the holiday season has unparalleled potential for […]

How leveraging Email Personalization and Contextual Marketing can help increase Revenue by 2000%

Revenue increase with email personalization

Email personalisation and contextual marketing are important strategies to increase revenue for any business. By leveraging the data available from customers, businesses can target their communications more effectively to create an engaging customer experience. This ultimately leads to higher conversions and more sales. Personalisation of emails allows businesses to deliver content that is tailored specifically […]

How to Increase Repeat Sales and Generate More Recurring Revenue

increase repeat sales

Recurring customers is the dream of every eCommerce business. Though it seems to be an easy business objective, in reality, it is not. Revenue from one-time customers is always less than that of recurring customers’ revenue. It does not mean the former kind of customer doesn’t hold a value for you because they also can […]

25+ Ecommerce Replenishment Email Templates and Examples

ecommerce replenishment email templates

List of the best ecommerce replenishment email templates.  In today’s fast-paced eCommerce industry, it can be hard to keep up with the latest trends. But one trend that’s here to stay is eCommerce replenishment emails. Your customers are busy and overwhelmed, so they’re looking for ways to simplify their lives—and you can help them do […]