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15 Customer Win Back Email Templates to Nurture Your Buyers Into Making a Purchase

Learn how to use ecommerce newsletters as customer win back email templates to nurture buyers.

Customers today are easily distracted by the variety of products and services available. When customers become distracted, brands also become distracted and begin hunting for new customers.

Brands are so focused on gaining new customers that they overlook the value of keeping existing customers.

According to studies, while 44% of businesses prioritize acquisition, only 18% prioritize retention. It’s where you make a mistake. Stop churning hard and start working on a customer win-back strategy as a brand.

Offering discounts or reaching out to ask for ratings and feedback aren’t the only ways to win back customers. It’s sometimes as simple as educating customers on areas that they’ve already expressed interest in, are more likely to be interested in, or that will help them better understand their needs, challenges, and how to solve them.

You can send an automated email newsletter to your lapsed customers to keep them informed and educated. These email newsletters help you re-engage with your customers and increase sales.

Here are some win-back email samples that use education/nurture as a strategy.

Customer win back email templates that focus on nurturing consumers

By now, you might be aware of why sending win-back emails is important. The next step is to act. Here are some outstanding email templates with the necessary elements to win back your customers.

1. Better Brand

Better Brand is a food-tech startup marking a new era of nutrition by driving innovation in the multi-trillion-dollar refined carb industry.

What we like about the template?

Rather than introducing a new product or service, the brand has decided to “introduce a human.” Better Brand has made an effort to keep customers informed about recent company changes to increase brand loyalty and trust. This email template’s design and colors are amazing. The brand has included a call-to-action button at the bottom of the message to direct customers to their website.

2. Brooks

Brooks Running makes men’s and women’s high-performance running shoes, apparel, and accessories that meet the needs of runners of all levels.

What we like about this template?

Acknowledging that this email is late shows that the brand cares about its customers’ time. Brooks added a quote at the beginning to encourage customers to run. The brand has made it obvious that they are committed to helping everyone who wants to run by providing running gear. We liked the CTA button “see our latest projects” to help customers check recent collections.

To save customers time and efforts the brand has given links to existing products and assistance for store location and apparel. Adding brand hashtags and social media accounts helps build a strong online community.

3. Hers

Hers is a one-stop shop for women’s health and personal care, providing medical-grade solutions for skincare, birth control, and sexual health.

What we like about this template?

Instead of overwhelming clients with content, the brand has used infographics to display relevant information. Infographics and other colorful visualizations can boost sales by up to 80%. Customers are informed of the relevant data because it is generated from a previous survey.

Again, linking to the company blog is a great way to keep customers informed. Including social media accounts allows customers to stay engaged and updated with the company’s recent developments.

4. MeUndies

MeUndies is an underwear and loungewear company known for its product line for men’s and women’s underwear, sleepwear, and loungewear brand.

What we like about this template?

This is an excellent example of how businesses can help customers stay informed about new products. By saying “you get them first,” the company has attempted to build a strong relationship with customers and make them feel appreciated.

To support customer decision-making, the company has also listed the advantages of items and how they benefit existing consumers. The CTA button is strategically placed at the bottom of the page to direct customers to where they may shop.

5. Stetson

Stetson has been an American heritage brand since 1865 which offers timeless hats, boots, apparel, and more.

What we like about this template?

To provide the same customer experience, the brand tried to replicate its online store into its email template. “You and your shirt jacket,” in the initial line, is pretty catchy. Brands have clearly defined what makes them a popular choice over decades to earn customer trust.

The call-to-action (CTA) added to the message is clear. In the end, Stetson has cleverly introduced their other product, “chukka boots.” Adding a link to the FAQ section helps customers find answers to common queries and saves time for customer service representatives.

6. Felix Gray

Felix Gray is an eyewear retailer that sells prescription and nonprescription glasses and sunglasses. They specialize in blue-light filtering glasses for children and adults.

What we like about this template?

The brand recognizes how difficult of a choice it is to choose from a variety of specs and sunglasses; thus, they are ready to help. They’ve compiled a list of popular glasses along with their features to help customers find the appropriate pair for them.

Felix has placed multiple CTA buttons so customers don’t forget to check out. Listing other product options, such as the one in the template, can help increase sales. By including a customer service email address, the business has made it simple for customers to contact them if they have any questions.

7. Tuft & Needle

Tuft & Needle is an American direct-to-consumer mattress and bedding brand owned by Serta Simmons Bedding.

What we like about this template?

Tuft & Needle’s email template is a great example of how you don’t have to be pushy to win back customers. You can add some humor to the message and make it entertaining to keep your customers engaged.

The brand began the email with a funny note and agreed with customers that receiving too many Father’s Day emails might be annoying. This helps the brand create trust while also keeping customers interested. We like how the brand ended by announcing its ongoing sales. Customers can be enticed or given special discounts to increase conversion.

8. Chili

Chili Technology is a product development company that focuses on mattress heating and cooling systems.

What we like about this template?

The company is trying to win back customers by reducing their options and informing them of the finest options. To help clients understand why the product is so popular, the brand has listed all the benefits. Chili knows that product ratings can influence a customer’s decision very well. CTA buttons have been positioned right after the message to make it easy for customers to purchase the item.

Using visuals that support the message can help capture customers’ attention and encourage them to act. Offering a product comparison option allows customers to see what additional value they are getting compared to other options.

9. Rover

Rover is an American company which operates an online marketplace for people to buy and sell pet care services including pet sitting, dog boarding, and dog walking.

What we like about the template?

When it comes to capturing customer attention, images are important. This email will be difficult for dog lovers to ignore. The brand has used Halloween as an occasion to share its message. Similarly, you can also use different seasons and occasions to make your message more relatable.

Including links to other related items can help increase sales. Free delivery is an excellent way to entice customers who are afraid to pay extra charges. We like how the company used a different color for the CTA button to stand out.

10. A Kids Book About

From depression to racism, A Kids Book About is a publishing company that teaches kids about challenging & important topics.They help to empower kids so they become their best selves & encourage honest conversations.

What we like about this template?

The brand used October as a special month to share its message and engage with customers. Because October is National Book Month, there was no better time for the brand to share its message. Instead of fluff writing in the email, the brand divided the content into five simple stages that customers could understand and relate to.

Offering incentives (earn up to 25% commission) is a click-bait strategy to entice customers to act. The CTA is very appealing and has a high chance of being clicked.

11. Tattly

Tattly offers high-quality temporary tattoos, designed by professional artists made with vegetable-based ink , and are FDA approved.

What we like about this template?

Customers value tips and tricks, and the company has benefited from this. This firm has also used Valentine’s Day as a particular opportunity to promote its brand and communicate with customers. Adding visuals can increase conversions by 7x.

Listing related products and services allow customers to explore and helps brands improve their sales. It’s important to list social media accounts to keep customers informed and engaged about upcoming deals.

12. Everlane

Everlane is a clothing design and manufacturing company that specializes in designing clothing and footwear for men and women.

What we like about this template?

Customers are always interested in finding out what’s new, and Everlane has shown us the best way to market a recent launch. They’ve stated the purpose of the email so that customers don’t ignore it. Mentioning prices helps to establish customer expectations and leads to faster conversions.

The brand has used visuals to show customers how their drop looks, again increasing the chances of conversion. The CTA is simple yet intriguing. If you’re a brand looking to update customers about a recent drop, you know what template to choose.

13. Open Spaces

Open Spaces is a home organization brand founded with the mission to help their community create space to enjoy through their products and guidance.

What we like about this template?

The brand understands how important it is to keep customers engaged; they placed the offer right at the top. The design template, graphics, and email copy are all great. Open Spaces have created a sense of urgency by saying “only 500 available”.

Listing the unique features of the product supports customer buying decisions and ensures that the product they’re going to buy is the best. Listing other best sellers can improve sales and help customers discover other items they may like. The brand has provided a coupon and discount for combo purchases with a minimum order amount to ensure that no consumer is left out.

14. Goop

Goop is a wellness and lifestyle brand that offers cutting-edge wellness advice from doctors, vetted travel recommendations, and a curated shop of clean beauty, fashion, and home.

What we like about this template?

Goop has clearly mentioned the brand’s mission, giving an option to further explore and learn about them. This email template contains everything that customers require in one location, including the greatest PJs, a recent launch, items for a workout, skin detoxification items, and much more.

If you’re a brand with multiple product lines and aren’t sure how to keep customers informed, now you know where to start.

15. Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens and other greens powders are daily supplements that contain a blend of dried and powdered ingredients.

What we like about this template?

The brand created this email template to respond to frequently asked questions regarding their product. This helps to re-engage customers who are doubtful about purchasing the product. Including a customer review can help customers feel more confident in their decisions.

Customers may be enticed to act if they are informed about the product’s benefits. We liked the most how the company first identified customers’ pain points before offering a solution to those issues through its product.


The most cost-effective way of keeping your customers informed about your brand’s products or services is to send out a newsletter. You can engage with customers by sending a newsletter from time to time.

In fact, email newsletters are the most popular method of content marketing for 81% of B2B marketers. However, the main issue with these emails is that they seldom get any action because they are usually boring and lengthy.

If you’re a brand trying to educate customers about your brand through newsletters try including elements used by the brands listed above to make it engaging. The more personalized and engaging your newsletters are, the more likely they will be opened and converted.

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