List of Tools Your Ecommerce Business Needs for Customer Winback

customer winback tools

Customer acquisition costs are increasing by the day – irrespective of the industry you are in or the products you sell. Now considering how getting an existing customer to buy from you is 5x cheaper than acquiring a new one, it’s important for ecommerce businesses to have a customer winback strategy in place – a […]

100+ Win-back Email Subject Lines to Improve Your Open Rate

win-back email subject lines

Use these win-back email subject lines to bring back shoppers for more sales. Did you know that an engaging subject line can inspire 33% of your email recipients to check out the rest of the email? Most customers scan an email’s subject lines for a few seconds and end up opening only those emails whose […]

Win-back Email Template and Examples With Personalized Product Recommendations

win-back email template with product recommendations

When customers go a long time without making a purchase from your eCommerce store, a natural way to re-engage these inactive customers is to reach out to them via email. A win-back email is meant to accomplish just that! Win-back emails help reactivate customers who’ve stopped interacting with the brand for a long time and […]

15 Discount Offer Win-back Email Templates and Examples to Inspire Your Campaign

win-back email templates with discounts

Win-back email templates that use discounts to bring back shoppers.  It’s no secret that, when it comes to making a purchase, price is one of the most important factors considered by consumers. Afterall, who doesn’t love it when they get a great deal on something they’ve been after? To stay competitive in a growing ecommerce […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Win-back Emails for Ecommerce Businesses

customer win-back emails for ecommerce

Learn all about using win-back emails for ecommerce.  Gone are the days when email was used strictly as a form of communication. Nowadays, it is increasingly being deployed as a marketing tactic for brands to engage with their customers. Win-back emails are no exception and are an essential tool that can be effectively utilized by […]

5 Underrated Tips to Make Your Customer Win-back Emails More Effective

customer win-back emails - email marketing tips

Best email marketing tips for customer win-back emails. If you’re an online merchant, you’ve had to deal with “inactive customers.” These are customers who once bought something from your site but haven’t come back for subsequent purchases. Moreover, they’ve stopped interacting with your brand in any way. Customer retention is one of the biggest problems […]

Ecommerce Feedback Email Templates to Win Back Customers

Ecommerce Feedback Email Templates to Win-back Customers

Learn how to use the best ecommerce feedback email templates and examples to win hearts.  Nearly 80% of reviews come from emails sent after purchase. After a product is delivered, most e-commerce stores send automated emails to collect product reviews. However, just a small percentage of them ask for feedback. According to a study, approximately […]

15 Customer Win Back Email Templates to Nurture Your Buyers Into Making a Purchase

customer win back email templates and newsletters

Learn how to use ecommerce newsletters as customer win back email templates to nurture buyers. Customers today are easily distracted by the variety of products and services available. When customers become distracted, brands also become distracted and begin hunting for new customers. Brands are so focused on gaining new customers that they overlook the value […]