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List of Tools Your Ecommerce Business Needs for Customer Winback


Customer acquisition costs are increasing by the day – irrespective of the industry you are in or the products you sell.

Now considering how getting an existing customer to buy from you is 5x cheaper than acquiring a new one, it’s important for ecommerce businesses to have a customer winback strategy in place – a way to continually bring back customers.

But to set one up, you need a set of tools and we’re here to make the search easier!

Best ecommerce tools for customer winback

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to win back customers from your ecommerce business. But there are a few tools that will always come handy!

1. RetainIQ – Re-engage customers through smart emails

How often have you been told social media is the ingredient to scaling your e-commerce business? Way too many times.

But email marketing still stays one of the underrated marketing strategies to keep customers engaged. However, to make the best use of emails, you need to automate things to keep up with customers.

That’s where tools like RetainIQ come into play and help you set up automated email marketing flows for customer winback.

RetainIQ has tons of pre-designed conversion flow templates to get you started:

  • Abandoned cart flow: Convinces visitors to buy and make a sale by sharing product reviews and offers on the cart
  • Browse abandonment flow: Recommends products to the shoppers based on the browsing history who browse the products and leave the website.
  • Cross-sell and upsell flow: Recommends products to existing buyers and provides timely offers to convince them to make a purchase.
  • Back in stock-flow: Informs the customers about in-stock products and encourages them to complete the sale
  • Replenishment flow: Selling new launches to existing customers by sharing behind-the-scenes, product stories to lead the sales.

With an email customer win back flow, you can send personalized product recommendations, send offers for repeat purchases and activate the dormant customers to re-engage with them.

2. Wiser – Leverage personalized product recommendations

Adding personalized product recommendations on your store and in your communications via email and text messaging helps reduce the friction of finding products for customers. It also tells them that you care about them and their preferences.

Wiser analyzes the shopping patterns of buyers and sends them personalized product recommendations based on their shopping journeys and preferences. So added to your emails and other channels of communication, you are sure to get a better response from customers, no matter how they have chosen to engage with you before!

Other features include:

  • Dynamic and personalized product recommendations in emails
  • Mapping the customer journey to understand where the customers are in their shopping journey and make adjustments

3. Cartloop – Use SMS marketing campaigns to engage customers

There are times when customers are neither active on your store nor on emails. That’s where SMS marketing comes in to boost your revenue. SMS marketing is an effective way to keep your customers up to date with deals, discounts, sales, etc that you have in your store by sending relevant text messages.

Cartloop uses 1:1 interactions with human-like conversational text messages. This helps you engage customers on a much deeper level, nudging them to come back to your store more frequently.

Some more features Cartloop offers include:

  • Ability to run segmented SMS marketing campaigns based on buyer journey for high personalization
  • Provides unique discount codes and custom short links for a branded experience
  • Tracks the revenue generated, conversations with customers, conversion rate, and churn reasons

4. – Leverage WhatsApp marketing for customer winback

Just like email and SMS marketing, WhatsApp marketing has opened doors to more sales for ecommerce businesses. creates a WhatsApp marketing cycle to send product recommendations, updates on discounts and sales, and so on to customers and bring them back to your store.

It also lets you leverage features like WhatsApp broadcasts, automated order status alerts and other similar campaigns to keep your customers engaged.

This Shopify integrated app has been trained with more than 40 e-commerce queries- order status, refunds, replacements, etc. and lets you create several campaigns including abandoned cart campaigns, order alert campaigns, repeat purchase campaigns, and COD confirmation campaigns.

Besides this, the WhatsApp marketing app also offers other features:

  • Sending broadcast messages with a limit of 100K messages per day
  • Creating drip campaigns for customer engagement
  • Ability to send personalized product recommendations
  • Two-way communication to offer shopping assistance and take orders

5. Recart – Make use of Facebook Messenger to engage customers

Recart helps you automate the shopping experience for customers by sending product recommendations, discounts, coupon codes via Facebook Messenger to generate sales.

The tool uses behavioral data to send automated triggers to lead the customers to the buying stage. When you send a product catalog to customers, Recart waits for a specific time for the customer to take action. When they don’t take the action, the trigger set in Recart is sent and the shopper receives a discount code along with the product. This convinces them to make the purchase.

This tool provides two interesting benefits:

  • To send win back messages to customers, Recart also brings you a set of templates to choose from – flash sales, product bundles, VIP access, and birthday messages
  • Collecting photo reviews from your customers by sending them a direct message to show you are about feedback

6. Flits – Offer shoppers a customer account page

Flits helps you create a customer accounts page, keep your shopper data organized in a single dashboard and understand how they interact with the store to optimize your upsell and cross sell strategy. It’s pretty much similar to Amazon’s customer account page, where they can keep track of the products they like, have previously purchased, active orders, delivery addresses and so on.

The good thing about using Flits to set up a customer account page on your Shopify store, are the add-on features it comes with:

  • Store credits
  • Wishlist
  • Social login
  • Advanced dashboard
  • Recently viewed
  • Reorder

With so much more data available to you, you’re able to create much more personalized customer winback strategies.

7. LoyaltyLion – Set up a powerful loyalty program

Loyalty programs are a great way to engage online shoppers especially when they know they will gain a benefit from every interaction they make with your brand. An effective loyalty program focuses on offering customers rewards beyond discounts.

The app helps you create a personalized loyalty program for shoppers to optimize customer relationships.

Here’s what some of its features offers:

  • Allow customers to send referrals via links and widgets
  • Build a customized loyalty program page using CSS editors to make the program from scratch
  • Integrate the tool with different subscription partners, helpdesk, and review platforms
  • Use in cart rewards, instant pints, and triers
  • Allow customers to earn points to be exchanged with vouchers, gift cards or personalized rewards like free shipping

8. Pushowl – Use web push notifications to keep customers informed

Web push notifications send timely updates—a purchase they abandoned, new offers, and discounts directly to the shopper’s screen to re-engage and bring them back to your online store.

Pushowl is a Shopify app that helps you set up automated web push notifications for customer winback. It also helps you set up follow-ups to make sure you’re engaging customers in a consistent way.

Here are some other features it offers:

  • One-click opt-ins to web push notifications
  • Personalization of campaigns
  • Ability to add rich media like images
  • Ability to add a trackable CTA to your web push
  • Multilingual support for localisation

9. Adroll – Run optimized retargeting and remarketing ads

Adroll is a powerful Shopify certified app for running retargeting ads on social media and search engines.

With a retargeting ad, you can stay on top of the consumer’s mind. They will see the recently browsed products on different channels they use whether it is a social channel, another app that allows ads, or inside their email app. This is also a great way to boost brand recall which helps in customer win back.

Adroll allows you to run ads on over 500 networks. Some exciting features this tool offers include:

  • Leverages personalized product recommendation carousels to create a personalized cross channel experience
  • Uses advanced targeting options like contextual, demographic, interest, lookalike audiences, and CRM audiences.


There is no one way to keep customers engaged with your brand. Customer win-back should not be a one-time strategy; you need to continually learn from your consumer’s behavior and optimize your approach.

All the above tools come with a powerful analytics dashboard that helps you derive insights and actionables to improve your customer winback strategy.

And we at RetainIQ, would love to help you create a customer winback strategy that works.

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