Tools You Need to Increase Subscribers and Welcome Customers

Want to turn visitors into subscribers and set up welcome customers automations? You need this toolkit.

Here’s an interesting fact – ecommerce welcome emails have an open rate of 91.43% and generate over 320% more revenue on average per email than any other promotional emails.

This is because this first touch is what helps you establish expectations and form a base to keep the communication going between you and the consumer to stay on top of their minds.

But to be able to do this at scale as your business grows, you need some powerful eCommerce email marketing tools up your sleeve. From tools that help you turn a visitor into a subscriber to those that automate the communication, we have listed the best in this blog!

Email marketing toolkit you need to get more subscribers and welcome customers

Must have tools to welcome subscribers and customers:

Privy – Implement welcome popups to capture subscribers from the get-go

Ecommerce requirements are different from the other general requirements. To get the best results, you need a tool that is specifically built for eCommerce – and not just any tool, you need a tool that delivers!

Privy is rated the number one eCommerce conversion tool. It lets you easily turn your website traffic into a highly engaged list that is bound to boost your conversion rates.

Pop-ups are highly converting design elements. You can use the pop ups to offer discounts in lieu of subscriptions. You can then easily get the email addresses and phone numbers of first-time store visitors while also prompting them to make a purchase.

Here are some of the features we love:

  • Trigger and activity based popups
  • Exit intent popups
  • Ability to collect email addresses and phone numbers
  • Easy integration with popular marketing tools
  • Ready to use and customizable popup templates

Canva – Design welcome email templates that create lasting impressions effortlessly

A simple plain text email is not going to help you persuade your new subscribers to convert to loyal customers, irrespective of how great and compelling the content and offer are. You need to make your eCommerce welcome emails stand out by also investing in the look, feel, and aesthetic of it to match your overall brand story.

Canva offers a wide range of free email newsletter templates that you can incorporate into your Shopify welcome emails. These designs are highly-engaging and can boost your conversions tremendously.

Whether you’re a fashion, food, health and wellness, cosmetics, or fitness online brand – Canva has you covered. Here are some interesting features of Canva –

  • Easy-to-use and requires no prior design knowledge and/or experience
  • Wide range of industry-wise templates to choose from
  • Share and collaborate easily with your teammates
  • Easily create brand kits to help in all design projects

RetainIQ – Use high-performing welcome email flows to drive more sales

Email marketing is still one of the most high-performing marketing strategies to keep customers engaged. Automated and personalized emails are the secret ingredients to taking your email marketing campaign to the next level.

With RetainIQ, you can start sending out emails the very instant a consumer chooses to subscribe to you. How you communicate with them the first time is going to make a huge difference in how they perceive your brand. So, make a good and lasting first impression using powerful email flows and email templates that are easily customizable based on your brand kit/theme.

Here’s what we love about RetainIQ for welcome emails:

  • Tried and tested workflows
  • Customizable welcome email series
  • Ready to use and customizable welcome email templates
  • Data-driven email strategy and workflow automation

Nosto – Send personalized welcome emails with product recommendations

You can easily maximize your conversions using Nosto by building a strong first impression. Make them feel valued and prompt their engagement.

This tool lets you add product recommendations directly to the welcome email body.

Since this subscriber is new and you may not know as much to send personalized product recommendations, you can use this tool to add top-selling or trending products as recommendations to your welcome email. It helps guide the subscriber’s journey and gets them to explore your store.

You can also follow up with personalized automated emails after they make their first purchase.

Here are some key features of this tool:

  • Compatible with almost every eCommerce tech stack out there
  • Tailor the email content based on specific shopping behaviors of the consumer
  • Increase email clickthrough rate with personalized recommendations
  • Helps in abandoned cart recovery, fostering loyalty with post-purchase offers, and much more

Now let’s take a look at some of the additional tools you can use to increase the engagement on your welcome campaigns:

SMSBump – Send automated SMS to welcome consumers to your brand

Consumers of today are always on their phones. And that is why SMS marketing is continuing to boom and deliver excellent results.

SMS campaigns run through SMSBump boast an open rate of 99% and click-through rates of 35%. It helps you increase your ROI by over 25%.

This is an enterprise-grade SMS platform that is specifically designed for eCommerce businesses; i.e it is built to cater to your needs. SMSBump uses pre-built SMS flows that emphasize personalized 1:1 interactions with human-like conversational text messages. It helps you engage and connect with customers on a much deeper level, thus prompting them to make their first purchase from your store.

What’s more? You can actually use SMS alongside your welcome email strategy to get more engagement on your emails.

Some more features SMSBump offers include:

  • Run highly targeted SMS campaigns by using dynamic tags for a more personalized experience
  • Provides smart SMS automation with pre-built SMS flows, including abandoned carts, customer reactivation, new orders, shipping confirmation, etc
  • Track every message to leverage data that helps you make better decisions – Take your welcome message to the next level using WhatsApp marketing

WhatsApp marketing is growing bigger with every passing minute. Very soon, it could possibly take over SMS and email marketing.

Turn personalized automated messages into more conversions using Using this tool, you can automate a flow of welcome messages using the WhatsApp Business API. Similar to the welcome email workflow you set up, you can create a complimentary campaign on this messaging app.

This will help you drive attention to your emails, and at the same time, also give you a chance to learn more about subscribers through conversations.

Furthermore, this WhatsApp marketing tool also offers other useful features for a welcome series:

  • Sending broadcast messages with a limit of 100K messages per day
  • Creating drip campaigns for customer engagement
  • Ability to send personalized product recommendations
  • Two-way communication to offer shopping assistance and take orders

Recart – Leverage Facebook Messenger automation for welcoming customers

If you have already established a connection with a consumer on Facebook messenger, with Recart you can automate a welcome sequence there too. It enhances your consumers’ shopping experience by sending product recommendations, discounts, and coupon codes via Facebook Messenger to boost your conversion rate.

The tool uses behavioral data to send automated triggers to lead the customers to the buying stage. When you send a product catalog to customers, Recart waits for a specific time for the customer to take action. When they don’t take the action, the trigger set in Recart is sent and the shopper receives a discount code along with the product. This convinces them to make the purchase.

But more importantly, Recart lets you integrate your social media efforts with your welcome email strategy. It lets you set up custom automations that enable you to collect email addresses on the go to fuel your funnel and keep it going leveraging the best of both platforms.

This tool provides the following features to welcome consumers:

  • Ready to use and customizable templates for messages
  • Customizable, data-driven workflows to introduce your brand to new consumers
  • Automations to set up timely follow-ups
  • In-depth analytics to help optimize for engagement

Firepush – Use web push notifications to strategically convert your site visitors

Have you ever wondered how to get more subscribers to grow your marketing lists and boost conversions?

With web push notifications, you can easily engage with your customers at every stage of their shopping journey with tailored web push notifications. This starts from the very first time their store – engage with your new store visitors with automated messages for all new subscribers. You can also add an exclusive and irresistible offer to drive that first purchase instantly.

Some of the features we like for it to be in your toolkit include:

  • One click opt-in process
  • Easy segmentation of buyers
  • Automation of welcome web push notifications
  • Ability to create welcome series
  • Trackable call to actions

We include this in our email marketing toolkit because web push notifications when used strategically, can be a soft touch conversion to get a conversation going. But you can always use them to win consumer trust, and get them to share more information with you – in this case, their email addresses.

Adroll – Retargeting and remarketing made easy to boost your eCommerce sales

Adroll is a powerful Shopify certified app for running retargeting ads on social media and search engines. With retargeting and remarketing ads, you can stay on top of the consumer’s mind.

Just because someone subscribed to you or bought from you once, does not mean they will remember you – so use retargeting and remarketing ads to stay relevant to your consumers at all times right from the start. Adroll does this by helping you reach people who visit your website and then send sophisticated targeted messages directly to their Facebook and Instagram.

This powerful tool allows you to run ads on over 500 networks. Some of the other interesting features that this tool offers include:

  • Leverages personalized product recommendation carousels to create a personalized cross channel experience
  • Uses advanced targeting options like contextual, demographic, interest, lookalike audiences, and CRM audiences
  • Get continuous insights about all your campaigns to let you make better marketing decisions for the future


All the above tools will help you improve your customer conversion strategy tremendously without having to spend hours setting it up. These tools also come with powerful dashboards and easy access to detailed insights.

And we at RetainIQ would love to help you create a personalized high-performing strategy that delivers.

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