10 Welcome Email Templates For Health And Wellness Brands That Work

welcome email templates for health and wellness brands

Looking for welcome email templates for health and wellness brands? This is for you. The growth of health and wellness online has been tremendous with it being responsible for 5.3% of the global economic output, according to Global Wellness Institute. With the rise of e-commerce, it has become easier than ever for people to access […]

15 Welcome Email Examples in Beauty and Cosmetic Industry

Are you a beauty and cosmetics brand struggling to build a rapport with customers? Here are some welcome email examples and templates you can use. Globally, the online beauty and cosmetic industry is rapidly growing and by the looks of it, will keep on expanding its horizons. In the past, cosmetics and beauty products were […]

17 Fashion And Apparel Welcome Email Templates That Work

Looking for fashion and apparel welcome email templates? This blog is for you. Fashion and apparel brands are often too focused on sending out emails about their discounts and deals. But by doing so, they often forget the one email that can help them start a strong relationship with their consumers: ecommerce welcome emails! Welcome […]

Tools You Need to Increase Subscribers and Welcome Customers

Want to turn visitors into subscribers and set up welcome customers automations? You need this toolkit. Here’s an interesting fact – ecommerce welcome emails have an open rate of 91.43% and generate over 320% more revenue on average per email than any other promotional emails. This is because this first touch is what helps you […]

Welcome Email Template Examples for Food and Beverage Brands

welcome emails for food and beverage brands

Struggling to get your first email right? Here are welcome email template examples for food and beverage brands.  Despite the common belief, email marketing is only continuing to grow bigger and better by the day. It is also a great marketing strategy since it is that one medium that is accessible to all age groups. […]

100+ Welcome Email Subject Lines for Ecommerce Businesses

Struggling to get your welcome email subject lines right? This is for you. Email is a significant way of connecting with consumers for e-commerce businesses. It allows them to generate leads, drive sales, and boost website traffic, all without depending upon any other channel. The eCommerce businesses rely on email for consistent communication with consumers. […]

Ecommerce Welcome Email Flow No One Told You About

ecommerce welcome email flow

If you have been sending out just one email to new customers and subscribers, this ecommerce welcome email flow will supercharge your revenue.  Have you ever wanted to know the secret to writing a killer welcome email campaign? After all, how you send your first email after a user signs up is probably the most […]

What Are Ecommerce Welcome Emails and Why Are They Important?

ecommerce welcome emails flow

Learn more about what are ecommerce welcome emails and their importance. It’s no secret that consumers are now more distracted than ever. Nowadays, it’s even more difficult than ever to grab the attention of online shoppers. They’re inundated with a constant barrage of emails, ads, and social media posts every time they open their browser—and […]