Empowering Gen Z Shoppers with Genuine Personalized Experiences That Go Beyond Cancel Culture

Gen Z shoppers

Generation Z has grown up surrounded by content, news, and updates across multiple platforms and devices. They hold a remarkable $143 billion in buying power, accounting for 40% of global consumers in 2020. As digital natives, this generation poses unique obstacles and opportunities to marketers – what resonates with millennials will not necessarily be effective […]

10 Klaviyo Email Automation Workflows You Need to Set Up Today

10 Klaviyo Email Workflows You Need to Set Up Today

Learn more about the must-have Klaviyo email automation workflows to maximise your ROI.  If you’re an online store owner, hustling to grow your business, know that email marketing is a great way (even today) to not only generate leads, drive more sales, and increase your website’s traffic but also help you retain new customers and […]

Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started With Mailchimp Automations

getting started with mailchimp automations for email marketing

Exploring MailChimp or just started using it for ecommerce email marketing? This guide on MailChimp automations is for you. Are you looking to improve your email marketing success? Automating your Mailchimp campaigns is a powerful and affordable way to boost email marketing performance and an invaluable part of running a successful and profitable email marketing […]